Intro Special

$49 for your first month - Buy Now

  • Unlimited Yoga

  • The best way to get started with Bikram Yoga is to take as many classes as possible in the beginning. We want to help by offering your first month at only $49.

  • New clients only.

Auto Pay Membership

$159 per month - Buy Now

Students 21 and under & Seniors 65 and over
$129 per month
(Purchase at the Studio)


  • Unlimited Yoga

  • 2 month minimum commitment

  • 10% off retail products (excluding food and beverages)

  • One complimentary guest pass per month (pass used by new students only)

  • 15 days notice to cancel. Use a credit card or debit card.

Class Packages**

50 Classes: $850 - BUY NOW

Shareable with family and friends
1 year expiration

20 Classes: $380 - BUY NOW

1 year expiration

10 Classes: $210 - BUY NOW

1 year expiration

5 Classes: $120 - BUY NOW

1 year expiration

Single Class

$27 - Buy Now

$22 - Students and Seniors*
(Purchase at the Studio)

*Students 21 & under. Seniors 65 & older.

**Packages are non-refundable or transferable. Please make sure to watch for expiration dates as there are no extensions.
Have classes left on a class package that are going to expire? Purchase a new package and any remaining classes can be moved over to the new package!

Rate Info

To get the most out of the time and money you invest, and to enjoy the wonderful benefits of this yoga, it is best to practice on a regular basis - ideally 3 to 5 times per week. We recommend you try to create a regular practice right from the beginning. 

Students new to Bikram Yoga Scarsdale start with the Intro Special. There are two main goals:

1) after your first class, come back and take your second class ASAP, ideally the next day and 

2) practice at least 10 times (or as much as possible) during your first 30 days. When you do this, you will see amazing results. 

Whether you are young or old, in great shape or trying to get there, flexible or not, you will achieve improved health and a more enjoyment life with a regular yoga practice.