We want everyone to have a positive experience when they come take class at BYS.
Help us to maintain a positive environment by kindly looking over the following studio policies & yoga etituette.
Thank you!

Before Class
  •  Arrive on time for class – This means being in the room before Pranayama Breathing
    • If you are new to the studio please arrive 15 minutes early to get set up & so we can show you around
    • Students will not be allowed to enter class after Half Moon Pose has started
  • Sign-in at the front desk – everyone must sign-in before entering the yoga room or changing rooms. Even if you signed up online, you must still check-in
  • Leave shoes in the lobby – we don't want to bring dirt into the changing rooms where people will be bare foot
  • Please silence cell phone or leave it in the car – no cell phones in the yoga room
  • Please leave all your personal belongings in the changing rooms or hallway during class
  • No talking in the yoga room
  • Please wash off any heavy perfumes or scents before class

During Class
  • Please get into the room before the teacher starts class
  • Please place your mat in the designated markers and make sure you're not directly blocking someone
  • Be aware of the people around you - don't place your water bottle directly in front of someone, blocking their view of the mirror during the floor series
  • Stay for the entire class – please pick a class time that you know you can stay for the entire class- Use the restrooms before class and bring enough water with you into the room
  • Please do not use glass water bottles – They break easily when dropped and become a hazard
  • Adhere to the Bikram seriesIf you have special limitations or believe you are unable to do a posture the way it is intended, please see an instructor before class to help you
After Class
  • Please leave the room quietly and respect those who are still in final savasana
  • Walk slowly and watch your step when leaving the room – there may be wet spots that can be slippery
  • Use a towel to wipe up your sweat or water puddles so people don't slip - there are towels available in the back of the yoga room for use. Or see the front desk for an extra sweat towel to wipe up
  • Please throwout any garbage, tissues, water bottles etc.
  • Make sure you take all your belongings with you when leaving the studio – items left in the changing rooms and hallway will be moved to the lost and found. If items are not claimed they will be donated

Drink lots of water, enjoy the rest of your day/night and come back soon!