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Ida Ripley Workshop Weekend
October 7 & 8, 2017
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Saturday October 7
1pm: 3 hour Bikram Yoga Q & A Workshop

A full Bikram yoga class at lowered heat. Ida will focus on the mechanics of the body for each students postures, give corrections, demonstrations and answer questions. Whether you have just started your yoga practice or have been practicing for years, this is an amazing opportunity. There will be something for everyone to learn!

4:30pm: Yin Yoga Class
This is a challenging yet quiet form of yoga suitable for all levels, experienced or beginner. Yin yoga focuses on postures which stretch the connective tissue between joins. Yin postures will enhance and improve muscle strength and help prevent injury.

Sunday October 8
1pm: 2 hour Master Class

3:30pm: 90 minute Back Bending Workshop

5:30pm: Yin yoga class

Mexico Retreat
March 25-31, 2018

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